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Esko Spark

Our HD Flexo system combines 4,000 dpi HD laser optics along with unique screening technologies. The high-resolution optics deliver an accurate, sharp imaging of text and line art along with clearly defined, HD screened dots. Our dots are made of more pixels, approximately three times more than other devices. The rounder dot shapes are more stable on press, providing long print runs with the same printing plate.

Dupont Cyrel® FAST

Cyrel® FAST uses a dry thermal technology for plate
development, completely eliminating conventional
solvents and aqueous washout solutions. In addition to
the obvious environmental and health gain, it also
reduces the plate processing times by up to 300%.

X-Rite i1iO Densitometry unit

Our X-Rite  i1iO Provides automated test chart reading, which provides fast measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10mm.  Our i1iO reads more than 500 patches per minute.

Epson Stylus Pro WT 7900

Our Epson Stylus Pro WT 7900 is designed specifically for proofing flexographic print jobs that require the color white, the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 incorporates high-resolution ink jet technology - including Epson Ultra Chrome™ HDR White Ink.